If you don’t vote and the Democrats win on November 6th, they will: 

1. Impeach our president. 

2. Protect and expand ObamaCare. 

3. End ALL Congressional Investigations into Democrat Corruption during the Obama Administration & the illegal Democrat Party efforts to steal the 2016 election. 

4. Increase Taxes while instituting new ones. 

5. Reinstate regulations for businesses and industry while reinstating radical regulations dealing with the environment. 

6. Decrease military spending. 

7. Stop the appointment of federal court conservative judges (Supreme-Appeals-District). 

8. Stop ALL funding for THE WALL 

9. Push for Amnesty & the Vote for the Illegals. There will be no end to chain migration or the lottery system. 

10. Investigate every aspect of the Trump Administration while protecting “DEEP STATE” activity. 

11. Call for more entitlement programs & government giveaways (e.g., free public college tuition). 

12. Call for more restrictions on the right to bear arms while working towards eliminating our rights under the Second Amendment. 

13. Enact stiffer restrictions on our First Amendment freedoms. 

14. Demand (by way of additional regulations) more political correctness.

15. Impeach Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh. 

We can’t let the Democrats do these things or continue their unethical behavior. Be sure you and your neighbors VOTE REPUBLICAN (down the ballot) on November 6, 2018.

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