Democrats desperate attempts to win in the midterm elections.

Desperate liberal acts

1) Democrats orchestrated an attack on Brett Kavanaugh without facts or evidence creating one of the worst Senate circuses in history. 

2) Up to 10,000 South American migrants magically appear for an invasion of the US weeks before the midterm. 

3) Toy bombs (with timers?) mailed to Democrats by a former Democrat. The van plastered with Trump stickers was seriously over the top. 

4) The tragic event in a Pittsburgh Synagogue that was attacked a couple of weeks before the midterm. This, of course, brings up the call to take away gun rights again. 

Smoke and mirrors from the Democrats that will do anything to make everyone believe they are worth anything. 

There is still a couple of weeks until the elections what next from the Party if hate? The Democrats aren’t done yet trust me. 

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