Liberal MS Media is in propaganda overdrive

I’ve been channel surfing the networks ABC, NBC and CBS morning and other shows in recent weeks and all are doing everything they can to make President Trump look bad or foolish. There is zero attempt now to show they are anything other than are liberals.

For reinforcements they have Barbara Streisand promoting her new ‘Trump’ inspired album created from her pain when Trump won in 2016. This pain caused her to eat pancakes and gain weight. Streisand has said she’s moving to Canada if the Dems don’t win the House. Let’s make that happen. #VoteRed

Next up Whoopi Goldberg (The View) promoting her new movie. She apparently needs the money because she has surprisingly toned down her usual liberal rhetoric. Morning entertainment has been moving further to the left in recent weeks and has become increasingly vile as we approach the midterm elections. The MS Media is pushing hard to sway the liberal voters to crate fear and intimidation to get them to vote. Unfortunately for them a #BluePuddle has only been generated.

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