Midterm elections: It’s decision time

You must decide not only who to vote for but to determine how important your vote is. Let me tell you it’s imperative. In 2016 virtually nobody gave Trump much of a chance of winning. Conservatives surprised them when we went to the polls, cast our votes and proved them all wrong. Trump is the real deal and accomplishing what he was elected to do, and he has racked up an impressive set of real accomplishments.

As Conservatives, we know what’s important in America. America first is our top priority, and President Trump has proven in short order how fast America could be turned around. 

We are also well aware of the Democrat Party hates:

  • Patriots
  • Christians 
  • Individual Freedom
  • Judeo-Christian Principles
  • Individualism
  • Traditional Marriage
  • Traditional Families
  • TheConstitution
  • TheBill of Rights
  • FreeEnterprise & Capitalism
  • States’Rights
  • Nationalism
  • The American Flag
  • TheNational Anthem
  • ThePledge of Allegiance
  • Public Prayer 
  • Public Worship
  • Law Enforcement & Military
  • Rural/ “Flyover” America
  • Smalltown Conservative America
  • Guns- even for self-defense
  • Human Rights of Unborn Children
  • Equal Rights for all Races & Creeds
  • Accountability
  • SecureBorders & National Safety
  • WelfareReform / Self Reliance
  • American Exceptionalism
  • TheNational Motto
  • The American Way
  • Voter Proving They Are Citizens
  • Women’s Rights
  • Minority Representation
  • Our Founding Fathers
  • Truth
  • Rule of Law

All of these are a matter of public record.  This is the Party whose delegates booed God during the Democratic National Convention in the Summer of 2016. Add to that the lack of Democrat acknowledgment or prosecution of Senator Cory “Spartacus” Booker (D), Larry Ellison (D) Deputy Chair of the Democratic National Committee for sexual abuse is an excellent example of their hypocrisy.

President Trump along with the Republican agenda still have a long way to go in fixing issues faced by all Americans. He can only continue this record of success by retaining control of the House of Representatives and the Senate. Nothing can be taken for granted in this election. 

What is at stake in this election:

  • All 435 House seats.
  • 100 Senate seats.
  • Governors in 36 states and three territories.
  • State legislators across the country.
  • Mayors in 27 of the nation’s 100 biggest cities, including SanFrancisco and Washington, D.C., Louisville, Nashville, Newark, Phoenix, and Reno.

GOP governors in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Florida, Georgia, and Kansas face challenges from primarily socialist Democrats. If you are registered to vote in one of these States, it is critical you vote.

While it appears that we will retain control of the Senate, nothing is guaranteed without your vote. The House is far from a sure thing and assuming Democrats do take control of the House here is what you can expect:

Excessive and unwarranted congressional oversight of the Trump administration in general and the president in particular. The Democrats would gain the ability to set the agenda and the authority to call for hearings, summon witnesses and issue subpoenas. Additionally, the Democrats would derail Trump’s legislative agenda for the next two years. This, in turn, has the potential for President Trump not to be reelected for a second term in 2020.

Democrats would gain the ability to investigate wild and unfounded accusations against:

  • Level and investigate more liberal fantasies against Trump personally as well as allegations of sexual misconduct.
  • Perjury charges against newly confirmed Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh.
  • The Russian/Trump witchhunt will intensify.

Make no mistake the bloodthirsty Democrats will do anything and everything they can to impeach Trump, Kavanaugh and shut down America with political gridlock.

Democrats also hope to elect a record number of women to Congress (including many socialist Democrats) to make history with the number of LGBT candidates and Muslims up and down the ballot.

Make no mistake; Democrats want to punish Trump and his supporters for the successes in the US return to strength. It comes down to do you want the mob to win or continue the continued successes America has experienced in the last two years.

Tomorrow November 6th is the day your Constitutionally granted God-given vote makes all the difference. We did it before and let’s do it decisively again. Get out to vote and bring a friend too. 

#VoteRepublican #VoteRed #VoteRedToSaveAmerica #AmericaFirst #USAGuard

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