Migrants on the march are a massive gift for Trump, GOP

It’s clear this is a coordinated effort to push the border issue by liberals just before the Midterm election. How or why are they…

1) Well dressed especially after an ‘in water’ river crossing.

2) Approximately 90% males – if it so bad, dangerous and gang infested in Honduras and Guatemala why are the men leaving the women and children to fend for themselves?

3) Far too many speak English from Spanish speaking countries?

4) There carry professionally created banners even after crossing a river in the water.

5) They are escaping poor countries so why are they so healthy, well fed and hydrated?

6) Who’s paying for lodging and food?

7) How is basic hygiene being handled? Showers, toilets, and toiletries?

8) Who is paying for train rides for 5,000 migrants?

9) It’s interesting how the mass migration keeps adding thousands to their groups when there thousands of miles from the homes. 

9) This migration began just before the US Midterm elections. Coincidence?

10) Who’s really funding this? I think most people already know the answer to this. 

Honduran migrants hold their national flag during a march along a street in the city as they take a pause from traveling in their caravan, during their journey to the U.S., in Matias Romero, Mexico April 3, 2018. REUTERS/Henry Romero – RC1D80C29BB0

This reeks of yet another liberal stunt that is about to blow up in their faces again. They just can’t seem to help themselves from self destruction. One has to wonder what lengths Democrats will go to to get new voters. 

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