Political Basics


With all the political hype going on it seems like a good time to review some basic political terminology.

Red or Right = Republican/Conservative/White Supremacists
Blue or Left = Democrat/Liberal/Progressive/Socialist/Left/ANTIFA

President Trump is a Conservative in the Republican Party. Presidents Reagan and both Bush’s too.

President Obama is a Liberal in the Democratic Party. Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter too.

View of the US Constitution by Supreme Court Justices: ‪Democrats think the US Constitution should be interpreted for today which means we have NO Constitution. Republicans are textualists and acknowledge the Constitution for what it actually says.‬

General notes:
California, New York, and generally the larger populated States are the Democratic States. California is the most liberal of them all.
For those that don’t understand the degrees of insanity on the left, I’ll lay it out:

1) Democrats
2) Liberals
3) Progressives
4) Leftists
5) Socialists

The majority of the problems are created by 3 through 6. Note: these people have many undesirable traits, not the least of which is a terrible education. No doubt raised in one of the major cities that have been controlled by Democrats for decades. Other characteristics are violence, propaganda, and unethical behavior.

American CITIZENS face a critical point in the future of the US on November 6, 2018. Voting participation in America is embarrassing low. It is a Right granted to American citizens, and it’s also a responsibility. Please take it seriously and vote Republican in the Midterm elections on November 6, 2018. Early voting is available in most locals. Go to
Vote.gov to register to vote or change your Voter Registration information.

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