Trump’s 60 Point Accomplismennts

Trump is the real deal and accomplishing what he was elected to do. Is he a bit caustic at times, no doubt, but he is playing the media and the leftists like a fine violin. While leftists go crazy every day waiting for his tweets, he's racking up an impressive set of real accomplishments. 
All while you liberal leftists keep a laser-like focus on his tweets and posts from fellow fools. We will see where that gets you in November. I will give you a hint; we will bring the crying towels for you. 
Trump LOVES making you lose your mind and exposing yourselves, your lawlessness, hatred, intolerance and the funny thing is that NONE of you have figured it out yet or how ABSURD Trump (and people like me) are making you look. 
News flash: he couldn’t CARE LESS what you write about him. He values RESULTS and what’s good for Americans. #MAGA Keep chasing the bouncing ball he throws out each day. It is quite hysterical. Vote Red in November. 
#USAGuard #WalkAway
Friday, October 05, 2018
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